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5 Reasons you're never too young to buy your own home

5 Reasons you're never too young to buy your own home

If you’re a person in your early 20s, perhaps a recent graduate, or getting your career off the ground, just starting out on your life’s path - making a large purchase like a new house might be the last thing on your mind. You’re still young and want to have some fun and freedom from responsibility, without the hassle of getting a bond and being a homeowner.

 The truth is, you’re never too young to become a first-time home owner, and make an important investment for your future. Here are 5 reasons why you should start looking at buying a house right now!

1. You can own your home and not be tied down to one place

As a young person, you probably want to see the world (or at least South Africa) – move around a bit, see what’s happening out there before you settle down. You might travel for work a lot, and are not at home much, so it seems like a waste of money. You might want to relocate to a bigger city soon. You need money to do that, so why tie yourself up by paying a bond?

It’s great that you’re free as a bird – but think about this: you can own a house and rent it out. Your bond will be paid off (or most of it at least), and you won’t be out of pocket to do the things you want to do.

If you don’t like the idea of being a landlord, especially if you’re away a lot – perhaps you can ask a family member to oversee your house and its tenants. If not, there are rental agencies that you can pay to help you out. So there are options for people who want to buy a house but not be tied down.

2. Buying a home is more cost-effective than renting

Maybe you live where rent is inexpensive, or even rent-free with family, and you don’t see the point of buying a house yet. Don’t be fooled though – decent areas and apartments or houses to rent can fluctuate wildly with the property markets, urban gentrification, economic downturns, and a bunch of other reasons. Also, your family might like their space and privacy at some stage!

If you rent, you’re just paying off your landlord’s bond (like in point 1 above). Wouldn’t you prefer to be the guy who made the big investment, rather than the guy paying for someone else’s investment?

3. Paying for home maintenance and rates and all that stuff isn’t cheaper if you rent

Guess what – if you rent a house or apartment, you’re already paying those things anyway, plus a nice fat chunk of money for the landlord’s wallet.  He’s not going to let you live cheaply in his investment, paying extra costs on your behalf – he’s charging you for those things.

It seems like a lot to think about, on top of your bond payments – but clever homeowners can figure out how to make ends meet. If you rent one of your bedrooms out to a friend or relative, for example, you can cover those costs without struggling.

4. Owning a house is a great investment for your future

Many young people these days are clued up about the markets, and think they can make money with other investments, rather than buying a house.

As a young person, you probably like to take risks, and maybe your buddy told you about these great stocks he invested in, or a small business that’s flourishing  – and he’s coining it.

That’s great – for now. But markets move in cycles, and businesses close down all the time. If you own your own home, you’ve at least got somewhere to live! If times get tough and you lose your stock-market investment, are you going to live at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?

5. Owning a house is for savvy people who can think long-term

Say you live in a nice house in a good neighbourhood – and you can afford to do this, because you have 3 housemates to share costs with. You don’t want to buy a smaller home in a newer neighbourhood – you’re used to a certain lifestyle.

But remember that new housing developments grow, new neighbourhoods become established, more people move in, the area becomes sought-after, and houses appreciate in value. What seems like a bad choice now will most DEFINITELY be a good choice in the long run.

If you’re a young person who is thinking of becoming a first-time homeowner, have a look at some of the beautiful, brand-new developments that Affordable Home SA has on offer for as little as R578 800, and fill in the form to get some info. Don’t let life pass you by – you can be young and free and STILL own your own house.


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