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Affordable Homes Are STILL Affordable!

Affordable Homes Are STILL Affordable!

The bank lending rate dropped to an incredibly low 7%, as the economy was impacted by the Coronavirus. So far it has stayed at this all-time low.

What does this mean for South Africans?

The move to Level 2 lockdown has now happened, which is great news for many small businesses and our social activities. Because the interest rates still remain lower, there are some big advantages for potential homebuyers.

Borrowing money from the bank is more affordable for both individuals and businesses.

This makes houses more affordable, and lowers mortgage payments.

This means that the income you need to qualify for one of our affordable homes has stayed at an all-time low. Don't forget - you can also apply with a partner, family member or friend to make up the full qualifying amount!

Take a look at our current brand-new home options here, and apply today before things change again!

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