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Own a brand new modern apartment in Gaylee in popular Blackheath!

Don't hesitate - become a brand-new homeowner in our stylish Gaylee development. We have gleaming modern apartments available in this growing and popular part of the Cape metro!

Our development in Gaylee is situated near the Van Riebeek freeway, in between the Blackheath and Blue Downs areas. This is a smart and fashionable new affordable housing development, in an up-and-coming neighbourhood which is perfect for investors, singles and families.

This area is well-situated for schools, shopping centres and main road access. Cape Town city centre is only 33km away. It’s a fantastic opportunity that can’t be missed!

gaylee affordable home location

We have gleaming, modern, brand new three bedroom apartments from only R779,000.

All apartments have high-quality modern fixtures and flooring. The whole process of becoming a homeowner takes 6 months, and in that time you don't pay for anything - everything is included in the purchase price! To find out more details about our buying process, click here.

gaylee affordable homes

The qualifying salary for Gaylee (combined or single) before deductions is R21,000. You can apply yourself, or with a partner, family member or friend.

Visit our houses for sale page for pricing and sitemaps, and fill out the form on the page to find out if you qualify for this unbelievable opportunity.

Don't hesitate - you don't want to miss out!

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* Regretfully, we currenlty only have properties in the Western Cape

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